What is Fiber and Why is it Useful?

2015 Update: Indianapolis wasn’t chosen for Google’s current fiber expansion projects. We’ll keep this site updated with any news. Until then, check the about page for a full list of fiber optic providers in Indiana along with other great broadband resources.

Fiber optics are on the fastest ways to transfer information.

Traveling at close to the speed of light, fiber optics are set to transform the way we think about Digital TV, broadband internet and more.

FIber optics are the backbone of most of the new technologies emerging in tech.

Google is looking for a lucky community or two to build out a testbed fiber optics network to provide ultra-fast Internet access at prices competitive to what you’re paying now. Imagine Internet access that lets you stream High Definition video – instantly. Imagine being able to attend business meetings with high definition video from the comfort of your living room. Indianapolis has an opportunity to be a part of the future. It is my personal belief that Indianapolis’ rich history of innovation and its position as the “Crossroads of America” make it a perfect choice for Google’s deployment.

A brief overview as to why Indianapolis would be a fantastic choice for this network:

  • Racing Capital of the World – We are a city known for Speed. People come from the world over to visit our city!
  • Superbowl 2012 – We will have the nation’s attention for the Superbowl.
  • Leader in Social Media
  • Strong and vibrant tech community
  • Strong demand for a challenge for incumbent Internet Service Providers
  • Scalable Build-Out – start in Speedway or Downtown and build out. Prime real estate available for infrastructure available for pennies on the dollar compared to other cities.
  • Build-out based on research needs – want to research rural deployment? Roll out to the south and West. Want to research Urban deployment? Roll out to the downtown area. Want to research Suburban deployment? Roll out to Speedway, Avon and Suburban Indianapolis.

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